Making your way through college without a full-time job

December 23, 2011

There's nothing worse than attempting to balance college and a full-time job, but many students have to do so in order to curb the cost of tuition. As schools continue to raise the price of attending their institutions, it's making it more difficult for individuals to afford a higher education.

If you've attempted to hold down a full-time job but have found it difficult to manage, you're not out of solutions. The first thing you can do is downgrade to a part-time position to make it easier to schedule your job around your classes. This can also continue to provide you with the income you need to reduce the cost of tuition.

In addition to working part-time, you can also apply for scholarships and college grants. This funding can give you the financial means you need to take care of your education expenses over time. Unlike education loans, it won't result in debt after graduation.

If you can't manage a part-time job with your course schedule, you can consider looking for a work study through your school for additional cash. Even though it can be tough to make ends meet while you're in school, it's not impossible with a little creative thinking.

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