Some tips on studying for college students

December 11, 2012

At many universities, you can't twirl a pencil without it bouncing off a few dozen distractions from studying.  Here are some tips for college students looking to drown out the background noise and get their homework done on time.

Make use of the library and other spots
If your dorm mates are often loud, or simply encouraging you to hang out with them a lot, it's a good idea to make use of your university library, which certainly has any number of helpful educational tools on hand. Although, the New York Times reports that some researchers say changing your study location could help you remember what you soak in a bit better. As memory is tied to location, reading in an unfamiliar place might improve the chances information will stick out in your brain.

Flash cards
They're not necessarily the best study tool for every subject, but for memorizing vocabulary words, flash cards are the best way to go. Reading or writing anything more than once has been known to help with memory. Don't overdo it - if you get too bored, it will become too easy to mentally zone out and you won't remember as much. Speaking of which, The Times also advises that jumping from subject to subject may help your studying technique more than focusing on the same topic hour for hours on end.

Join a study group
Fans of the popular sitcom Community might think of joining a study groups as a way to go on crazy adventures. In actuality, study groups are designed to lighten individual student's workload and turn studying into a more enjoyable, social experience.

Discipline, discipline, discipline
These days - updates on social media sites popping up seemingly every minute and new news stories appearing constantly - it's harder than ever to focus on studying while you're working on a computer. If you can study from a book, absolutely do that. If you must labor on a laptop or other device, train yourself to suppress the instinct to glance at websites unrelated to your homework. It's amazing how much time can be eaten up by compulsively checking your favorite websites when you're supposed to be working.

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