Clues for finding on-campus romance

October 15, 2012

Once they're finished applying for a scholarship and gotten their college career underway, many college students prefer their romantic life to consist of flings and one-night stands instead of relationships. While emotional attachments may distract from studies, the prevalence of emotionally unavailable classmates could make things more difficult for students looking for that "special someone."

To help out the latter group, the Chicago Tribune spoke to the founders of to get their advice for finding on-campus romance. The experts advise loveorn collegians to avoid spending too much money on dates - noting that many college social events provide free snacks. Also, being too drunk or overstimulated on coffee might not help make a good first impression. It's also good to keep in mind that even people who are pressed for time before a date should run a comb through their hair and take a quick shower.

If these steps aren't doing the job, blogger Emily Townsend from the Index recommends dating websites like OkCupid as an easy way for students to meet people outside of their immediate circle of friends or school. Some people find long lasting relationships through these services, while others return from their internet-arranged dates with a tales of sheer horror. Bad online dates are another reason why students shouldn't pick really fancy restaurants for a first date. After all, students need to hang onto to their money for college.

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