Golf clubs swung for scholarships in California

November 20, 2012

A helicopter flying over Mariners Christian School athletic field in Costa Mesa, Calif., bombarded the area with golf balls on the afternoon of Friday, Nov. 15. This was done for the cause of financial aid for school for families struggling to afford tuition at the private elementary school. A report about the event appearing in the Daily Pilot.

"I thought it was pretty awesome and really cool," 9-year-old Gabriella Creamer told the news source.

According to sources who spoke with the Daily Pilot, for this year's Helicopter Ball Drop, an event designed to raise grants for education, students sold $2,000 golf balls that each cost $10. In addition, approximately one out of 10 students at the institution are helped out through donors.

Those who bought a golf ball had the chance to win tech-savvy prizes such as a MacBook Pro and an iPod if one of their balls fell from the aircraft into or close to a "golf hole," states the news provider.

The school's blog notes that Ryan Sarvak and Amanda Hsieh, two Mariners Christian students, got to ride in the helicopter as it dropped the balls as their reward for selling more golf balls than the other students.

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