New program provides help finding scholarships to Cherokee students

December 23, 2011

Often, high school students have interest in attending college after graduation, but are unsure of whether they can pay the cost of tuition. As colleges continue to increase the price of earning a degree, many students are turning away from this option and attempting to enter the workforce without a higher education.

However, one program is attempting to make it a little easier for Cherokee students - the Cherokee Nation College Resource Center. This organization was recently created to help more individuals find the financial resources and scholarships they need to earn a degree, according to the Pryor Daily Times.

"We all benefit when someone is provided the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams," Gregg Simmons, manager of the College Resource Center, told the news source. "By bringing all of our scholarships together through this program, we make finding opportunities easier and thus encourage the continuing education of our young Cherokee people."

Scholarships and college grants are ideal for all prospective students who do not have the financial means to attend school. Unlike education loans, these sources of funding to do not have to be repaid over time.

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