Taking up a part-time job during your summer vacation

December 29, 2011

Although many college students need to work while they're in school to afford tuition, it isn't always possible with a full class schedule. Instead, some individuals opt to work in their spare time, such as during summer vacation. If you're looking for some part-time jobs that you can work during school vacation that offer schedule flexibility, here are a few different options.

1. Retail. Oftentimes, retailers are aware that their part-time college staff members will have to leave to return to school throughout various times of the year. For this reason, they can be flexible when it comes to scheduling.

2. Self-employment. Whether you want to take up babysitting or landscaping during your summer vacation, self-employment can turn into the part-time job you're looking for to earn a few extra bucks.

3. Restaurants. Similar to retailers, restaurants typically have staff members who are in college and require schedule flexibility. Most places cater to these type of demands from their employees.

To help curb the cost of tuition, you may also want to consider applying for college grants and scholarships. These financial resources don't have to be repaid over time.

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