Scholarship money awarded to rodeo champs

November 21, 2012

Most people might not assume that skills involving hog tying pigs and remaining planted in a saddle as an incensed horse tries to toss you could lead to financial aid for college. However, reports from The Miami News Record and a West Texas CBS affiliate confirm that this is, in fact, the case.

The source reports that the Agriculture Department at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College (NO) gave one high school student - Tylen Layton - a $4,000 scholarship for college due to his triumph at a rodeo hosted by the college. In addition, $500 textbook grants were given to Kirbie Crouse and Kirbee Spire. NO is among the minority of colleges in the U.S. that maintains a rodeo team, which annually competes in the College National Finals Rodeo.

Meanwhile, CBS7 reported that the Sandhills Stock Show and Rodeo Queen Pageant recently transpired in Odessa, Texas. The goal of the event, the organizers told the source, is to encourage women to participate in rodeos. Horsemanship, speech and modeling are the three sections of the competition.

"They receive scholarships to go on to college," Kevin Evans, the rodeo's vice president, told CBS7. "It helps them move on with their lives. It's a good stepping stone."

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