Dental hygiene could be your path to a rewarding career

April 27, 2012

Pursuing a career in medicine may sound like an exciting opportunity, but for many people the amount of time, schooling and financial obligations necessary to earn a doctorate can make them reassess this career goal. However, not everyone involved in healthcare fields require an expensive doctoral degree in order to practice. In particular, the road to becoming a dental hygienist may seem far more manageable.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists need only an associate degree in order to begin working - a two-year commitment as opposed to four years of undergraduate along with dental school. These employees engage in many of the same practices as dentists like cleaning and examining teeth for oral diseases.

Not only is this a rewarding career path, but it's also one of the fastest growing fields in the U.S. For this position's job outlook for 2010 through 2020, the government source estimates that it will experience 38 percent growth, which translates to 68,500 new jobs in the next decade.

Along with college scholarship opportunities, the salary you'll be earning as a dental hygienist will also make paying off your tuition a snap. In 2010, the annual median wage for this profession was $68,250.

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