Scholarships awarded to students interested in cyber security

December 21, 2011

Many people have a strong interest in cyber security and computers, but do not have the financial means to expand upon their passion by attending college. Without an ample amount of money, it can be difficult to pay for tuition and attend a reputable postsecondary institution.

In an effort to provide prospective students with more learning opportunities, the International Informations Systems Security Certification Consortium recently gave out scholarships to applicants interested in cyber security, according to Federal News Radio. Five scholarships in total were given to individuals who are considered to be the future generation of cyber security professionals.

"I think cybersecurity is one of those things that is essentially hidden when you're a youngster ... You see the local fireman, you see the local policeman, you see the doctor, you see the teacher. But you certainly never see a cybersecurity expert," Julie Peeler, the director of the foundation, told the news source.

In addition to scholarships, college grants are helping more individuals attend college as well. These financial resources can help reduce the cost of earning a degree and do not have to be repaid in the future.

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