Say Yes to Education program helps pay for students’ college tuition

December 21, 2011

Many high school students often find themselves stressed out when they think about college, especially those who do not have the financial means to pay for tuition and fees. However, one program is now helping students sleep easier at night by providing them with free rides to earn degrees.

Recently, the "Say Yes to Education" moved into Buffalo, guaranteeing that all underprivileged children will be able to attend a state school by 2013. The money will be given to individuals based on their financial needs, and up to 100 percent of a qualifying student's tuition may be paid through the program.

"Say Yes Buffalo will reward every child with the promise that if they work hard in school, graduate from high school and want to go to college, they will have the money to do so," Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to applying for scholarships, many individuals look for college grants to curb the cost of tuition. These financial resources can be especially beneficial to prospective students who do not want to fall into debt by relying on education loans.

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