Massive scholarship awarded to Texas science wiz

December 5, 2012

By developing an algorithm that allows robots to navigate their way around various obstacles, 17-year-old Kensen Shi has been awarded a $100,000 scholarship for college from the Siemens Foundation, according to an article from the Associated Press (AP). The A&M Consolidated High School student told the news source that his invention could also be used in the development of driverless cars, and to create more naturally moving characters in animation and video games.

"It gives me a chance to use my textbook knowledge to solve real-world problems and contribute to the scientific community," Shi told the news source.

Smaller packages of financial aid for college went to a group of students from Long Island, N.Y. who studied a specific protein's effect on tumor creation. Other prize-winning students thought up ways to analyze genes and proteins with mathematical formulas. They told AP they got the idea from the sci-fi thriller Inception.

It seems as though students interested in pursuing careers in science have several options for gaining college scholarships. reports that a new science scholarship was recently established at Lake Superior State University in Michigan.

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