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March 29, 2013

When single mothers choose between schools, the financial aid for college available is often the deciding factor. However, visiting the campus is an important step to make certain that the school is the right fit for a prospective student before enrollment.

Prior to visiting, individuals should do careful research of the schools. New technologies have made this process easier. Additionally, for those who may find it hard to get to the campus itself, these advancements provide information on the schools in organized detail.

College apps are convenient
In today's mobile environment, it is no surprise that many schools have introduced mobile apps as a part of an effort to facilitate the college-research process.

These apps allow single mothers who lack the time to visit schools the opportunity to get information they would otherwise receive while on an actual campus tour.

Z. Kelly Queijo is the founder of Smart College Visit, Inc., a group devoted to mobile and online college planning. In a 2013 USA Today article, she explained how these mobile apps work to accelerate the process of researching, and later visiting schools.

"Mobile campus guides and smartphone apps are the next best thing to a personal campus tour guide," Queijo wrote in her piece.

Though apps may vary, most are highly organized, providing condensed profiles of the college with which they're affiliated. With everything from information on how to apply for financial aid to campus photos included, these apps help those who are trying to make their decision efficiently.

Mobile-optimized websites are another option
Some schools, according to a 2011 Chronicle of Higher Education article, are creating mobile-optimized websites in place of actual apps. These sites might not be as visually appealing or easily navigated as apps when visiting from a smartphone, but they're still helpful to those who are researching from a mobile device. 

Single mothers who are worried that they won't have the time or funds to make college visits can look for college-search apps, or college sites optimized for mobile phones, to locate prospective colleges while they're on the go.

According to a 2012 survey by Noel-Levitz of high school juniors and seniors headed to college, 52 percent of those who had mobile devices used them to look at school websites. 

This suggests the way that the college-research process has changed. As schools catch on to this trend, even more improved technology may be on the horizon for those wanting to enroll at the right institution. 

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