How to be a prime scholarship candidate

June 28, 2012

More often than not, you've finished filling in all the prerequisite materials on your scholarship application - volunteer work, current employment, GPA, advanced classes - and come to the essay only to find that it asks you the most difficult question you could imagine - "Why do you deserve this scholarship?"

It's not easy to say that the money would help take a lot of the stress out of financing higher education. It's not even easy to say that you need to scholarship to get into the school of your dreams - or just to get into a quality school. But it's a good question, nonetheless. What makes a prime scholarship candidate? Consider these tips for applicants looking to be a cut above the rest, and then consider what else it might take to be a truly exceptional candidate - not just one who reads well on paper.

1. Get involved with your community. Volunteer at the police department or the hospital, spend a summer working at the library for pennies or give up some of a spring vacation to help elementary students put on a small-scale school musical. You may find you don't enjoy any one of these things, but the experience will have made you all the wiser and well-rounded for it.

2. Start to focus on an activity you love. If you think you're interested in veterinary medicine, look for an internship with a local vet. If you don't like it, try something else. Once you find something you do feel strongly about, pursue it. While you need to get involved first, focusing on something you're passionate about will allow you to continue doing it, and doing it well.Then make sure and get recognition for what you're passionate about. Be that student who's active in animal rescue, or that student who wrote a novel junior year. Be the head of student government and see how many names you can remember in your class - everyone will be sure to remember yours. Anonymity is too easy in high school. Find something you're proud to do and make yourself known for it.

3. Realize that your commitment and devotion are the reason you deserve the scholarship. Confidence is important, but it's worthless unless you have passion and accomplishments to be confident in. College scholarships are essential for many students looking to continue their educations - it's a competitive atmosphere. Don't just win the opportunity, earn it.

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