Dunkin’ Donuts gifts $25,000 to students in the greater Philadelphia area

July 31, 2012

Dunkin' Donuts has been keeping college kids going for years with delicious coffee ideal for late-night cram sessions and pre-class wake-me-ups, but now they're giving a group of scholars a non-caffeinated advantage in the classroom. The lucky students who won the third annual Dunkin' Donuts Philadelphia Regional Scholarship Program will be taking home $1,000 scholarships for full-time study at any two- or four-year university or vocational-technical school during the upcoming academic year.

Managed by Scholarship America - America's biggest scholarship opportunities and tuition reimbursement manager for corporate associations, foundations and charitable individuals - the 25 recipients were selected from thousands of applications that came in flooding in between March and April of this year.

"Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of 'well-rounded' character," the scholarship website reads at DunkinDonuts.com. Recipients were noted for their abilities to "excel academically, demonstrate leadership qualities, and [be] involved with the community."

High School seniors living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and several Delaware counties will be taking home their prizes. Until next year, students will have to keep relying on great coffee to get by.

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