Using your bilingual skills to qualify for college scholarships

December 22, 2011

Although many individuals think that they don't have the talent and skill to win scholarships and college grants, there are many cash prizes out there that are designed to fit unique applicants - U.S. News and World Report says that you just have to look.

One of the most overlooked traits that could be worthy of scholarships is being bilingual. The ability to speak more than one language can not only help you in a future job, but provide you with the financial means to attend college.

For instance, the California Bilingual Education Association offers scholarships up to $2,000 to those who are pursuing a college education based on their talents. California State University - Northridge's Preparing Asian Bilingual Teachers Project awards scholarships up to $7,000 for those who are interested in using their skills to eventually entering the education field.

Spanish and East Asian languages are often the most awarded, but knowing any second language can give you an advantage.

If you think you might not qualify for standard college grants and scholarships, consider looking into specific school programs that award individuals for pursuing degrees based on their personal talents and skills.

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