Picking a lucrative major

August 24, 2012

As a Forbes article on research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale notes, unless you've got a brand name school's diploma under your arm, employers are going to be very attentive to your chosen major. Curious what the most lucrative of those might be?

According to the analysts at PayScale, recently - and over the coming years - some of the biggest paychecks are going to go toward those in fields like biomedical engineering, software engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering and petroleum engineer (see the pattern yet?).

For those without an engineering bone in their bodies, fear not. The study's top 15 earners also included occupations and majors like computer science, applied mathematics, physics and statistics.

Literature students needn't freak out either, although they may not want to approach the coming decades with dreams of seven-figure salaries. One thing's for sure, wise money management starts early, so college students looking to fund their majors - whatever those might be - should look to scholarship opportunities. Applying for scholarships is a fantastic way to save money and ensure an easier postgraduate future.

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