Examining the benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree

December 22, 2011

If you thought about going to college but have put this goal on the back burner, there are a couple of reasons to reconsider your decision. Although earning a postsecondary education can be expensive, the value of a degree is something that you can take with you throughout your lifetime.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2010, Americans with a bachelor's degree made approximately $1,038 on a weekly basis. This is hundreds of dollars more than those who only had a high school diploma, who made an average of $626 weekly.

However, money isn't the only reason to pursue a college career. If you've ever had dreams of obtaining a certain job, you can increase your chances of reaching these goals by gaining experience through attending college. Many employers look for applicants who have a degree to fill open positions.

If you're having trouble finding the money to attend college, there are options available to you. College grants and degrees can help reduce the cost of tuition and they do not have to be repaid over time.

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