Examining the benefits of associate and bachelor’s degrees

January 26, 2012

If you originally went to college but had to leave due to unexpected circumstances, there is no better time to go back to school than the present. It can be difficult to think about enrolling in classes again and maintaining the responsibility to your studies. However, earning an associate or bachelor's degree can come with numerous financial benefits.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2010 that the average salary for individuals with some college education was approximately $712 per week. Those with an associate degree were able to take home an average of $767 per week, while individuals with a bachelor's degree made about $1,038.

Although it can be difficult to make a commitment to college, earning a degree pays off - literally. If you don't have the time to attend college on an actual campus, you can consider enrolling in an accredited online institution to work toward a degree.

There are a number of financial resources available to individuals who are in school as well. College grants and scholarships can help curb the cost of tuition over time.

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