Three ways to go green on campus this year

August 30, 2012

Some of the most eco-friendly places in the United States are college campuses. Between various solar technology initiatives and environmental studies, a number of schools are leading the nation in green thinking. Why not join in with these three great green moves for your new semester on campus.

1. Bike everywhere. Good for your health, good for the environment and good for getting to clas on time. There's nothing a bike won't fix. Remember to take it into town instead of the car next time you need a few groceries or just want to get off campus.

2. Go paperless with an eReader. While you won't have that great tactile experience of turning a book's pages, eReaders make textbook shopping quick and cheap, cut down on clutter and won't contribute to deforestation. If there's a time to invest in a Nook or Kindle, it's now - and be sure to look into student discounts!

3. Choose recycled notebook paper. Though it's a bit pricier, recycled notebook paper is a great way to reduce your waste and continue to help out the trees.

While these are all great green opportunities for college students, they can also be expensive. Help ease your financial burden in college by applying for scholarships.

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