Single mother of triplets picks up scholarships for parents

June 27, 2012

Education Aid has announced the winner of the first Awareness and Prevention Scholarship Program in conjunction with Nursing Home U.S. Navy veteran and single mom Julie Raysbrook, who is studying Human Services at Western Washington University, will receive $5,000 for rent, textbooks and school supplies for the 2012-2013 academic school year.

The scholarship was created to help students pursuing a career that helps raise awareness of elderly abuse and neglect.

"I will be able to attend school full-time without having to worry about making ends meet with three young children," said Raysbrook about this financial aid for mothers and other students.

Two years ago, Raysbrook was the recipient of the Women's Opportunity Award, which assists women who are financially responsible for their children to receive skills training and education necessary to pursue their chosen careers.

After her husband developed cystic fibrosis, she founded a nonprofit organization to help patients navigate the Social Security disability benefits system. She hopes to use her degree to continue this advocacy work for senior citizens and disabled veterans.

Through her two awards, one specifically a scholarship for single parents, she can continue to make a difference in bigger ways while still supporting her family.

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