Merit-based scholarships provided to Cameroonian scholars

October 22, 2012

An American-based agriculture business is providing financial aid for college to 26 qualified Cameroonians, as part of a larger initiative to bring about a stable palm oil production project in the central African nation. Palm oil, not unlike coconut oil, is frequently used for cooking, according to the American Palm Oil Council. 

"Herakles Farms is deeply committed to expanding our support for the people of Cameroon – especially those who reside near our palm oil project – not only through job creation, but also through our community development programs," said CEO of Herakles Farms, Bruce Wrobel.

A statement from the company notes that this opportunity allowing Cameronians to apply for a scholarship was named after the deceased Herakles founder Dr. Isidore Timti, and was designed to help students compensate for global financial disparities. In addition, 3,000 mosquito bed nets have been donated by Herakles to combat malaria in the nation.

However, grants for education for students with a background in agriculture aren't limited to Africa. Five $1,000 scholars are slated for distribution from the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA). Requirements include that applicants be in their second year of undergraduate studies or enrolled in graduate school. Students or their family members must be NCGA members, and scholarships applications need to be in the mail before Dec. 7.

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