Local scholarships give moms a boost

January 10, 2013

Having enough money to go back to school without worrying about various home elements can be a huge relief for single moms trying to make a better life for themselves and their children. That's why specialized college scholarships for single mothers exist, targeting the needs of this group and providing them with the encouragement and financial support to make their dreams a reality.

Getting needed financial aid
In some cases, these funds are handed out in a specific geographic area, but even when awards aren't generated in that county or state, women should should look all over in search of financial aid for college, as these benefits can be applied to schools so long as moms meet other criteria.

The City Wire reported that this was the case for many single moms in Benton County, Ark. The nearly 200 students that attended a recent award luncheon received scholarships in various amounts, some getting multiple awards, to help them further their college and career aspirations. The source stated that many single mothers were among the attendees, as the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund was among the monetary gifts handed out. Nearly $200,000 in scholarships and grants was given away, The City Wire wrote, much of which went to helping moms on their own get back in the classroom.

Another award program recipient in South Carolina showed that single moms may want to think about where they go to school in terms of the kind of funding they can get. Being accepted to a school is different than being able to attend, since these goals can easily be upset if financial matters get in the way. In some cases, a school can offer financial assistance for single moms that can make all the difference in being able to go to class.

Localized educational assistance
SC Times reported that St. Cloud State University in South Carolina just gave away its annual Mary Beth Wedum single mother scholarship, providing some mothers currently enrolled in a full-time academic program at the college with a substantial monetary grant. These funds will help pay for tuition and get books for class, allowing parents to focus their financial assets on the family instead of school.

The source wrote that several mothers were given the prestigious award, allowing them to continue with their academic dreams as they pursue higher education degrees at the university. Such grants are the type of things single moms may want to conside when picking a college to attend.

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