Inexpensive weekend activities for college students

May 31, 2012

Being in college usually means two things: you're really busy and you don't have any extra cash. So when a free weekend finally rolls around and you've got a Saturday afternoon to breathe, how do you find something to do without heading into the sunless recesses of debt? The answer is to take advantage of what you've got. Consider these tips.

1. Campus life. Your school sinks a surprising amount of money into keeping you entertained, even if you don't show up for it. Free concerts, parties, dinners, readings, shows and any number of events are going on all the time. Make sure you're clued in or you might miss some complementary pizza or a lecture by your favorite social scientist. And don't forget about the drama department or film society - they've got stuff going on round the clock.

2. Museums. Whether you're in a big city or small town, museums are bound to be nearby. Most schools will even negotiate travel for you if they don't already have a shuttle service available. Depending on the city and museum, student fees are usually pretty tiny so long as you have your ID handy, and occasionally there will be suggested rates, so you can spend a full day in the Met for a quarter (they'll understand).

3. Movies. Student IDs also get you great discounts on movies, the all-time classic way to enjoy downtime. Unfortunately movie tickets are pretty pricey, even by discounted standards. If you can go without seeing the latest blockbuster, head to a school library. The vastness of the DVD collection will probably surprise you, and this way your only fees are going to be for the popcorn.

4. Camping. While not the most cost-effective activity in the world, camping is going to put you back only as much as you put into it. Borrow or rent a tent and hit the road with a few friends. The main advantage of a weekend camping trip though is that it breaks the routine and structure of rigorous academic life. Nature's as awesome a show as you're likely to find, and it doesn't cost anything other than your time, which is about as great a price as you can ask for.

Students have many options open to them when it comes to managing their finances, but some are more obvious than others. Remember to search out scholarships and college grants. By applying for scholarships you can ease the cost of college on both you and your family, while potentially freeing up a little cash for your own pockets. Education doesn't have to mire anyone in debt.

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