Halloween costumes on a college student’s budget

October 29, 2012

Seeing as how whatever funds many students have stashed away are likely being set aside as money for college, they may not have the means to spend a lot on a Halloween costume. A Duquesne University newspaper has provided some tips for college students who want to look their spookiest on the cheap.

Pre-assembled costumes, often displayed in large plastic bags, should be eschewed for thrift store and homemade costumes. Pre-assembled costumes can be costly, and let's face it - nobody wants to be the one person who clearly just picked their costume up on the way to the Halloween party. Dressing as a hobo or gypsy won't drain anyone's expenses very much. Sharing costumes is also recommended by the news source, which supposes that as Halloween may unofficially last several days on campus, more than one costume may be required per person.

A cash-scraped student could take that idea one step further by literally dressing up as one of their friends for Halloween. Perhaps a straight-laced jock just-so-happens to be pals with a free spirited, tye-dye wearing hippie. All they have to do is dress from each other's wardrobes and presto - instant Halloween costumes for both.

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