Graduate scholarships keep some students coming back

February 13, 2013

These days, simply getting a bachelor's degree is not enough to earn the most high-paying positions. Master's level educational achievements and beyond are often required in order to get into some industries, including the medical, scientific and technological fields. Attending graduate school in order to earn these positions, though, is more expensive than a basic four-year degree, and some forms of federal aid may no longer apply to students seeking these degrees. For people in this position, looking for graduate school scholarships at the schools they already attend may be the best option.

Ongoing dedication to school and success
Some colleges have graduate programs set up based on their undergraduate majors. These universities may offer special incentives to pupils who stick with their alma maters through another two to four years, depending on the kind of advanced degrees individuals are trying to earn.

The University of California recently announced that it will offer $5,500 to graduate school scholarship winners who have completed a bachelor's degree at a UC campus and intend to remain at any of the university's teaching facilities for additional education. This even applies to individual certification courses and single classes, depending on how students want to structure their ongoing educational endeavors. Referred to as the Change the World scholarship, UC will continually renew the award so long as recipients stay in school and continue to maintain academic success.

Picky private funding options
Other programs are available through private firms that still require recipients to stick to a certain school. Rutgers reported that the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, offered through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is available to students with bachelor's degrees pursuing advanced diplomas. The only stipulation beyond that, the source stated, was that students need to have studied at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and must continue attending that school .

The award is well worth it, as Rutgers reported the total value of the scholarship for students that follow the program to completion is worth almost $40,000. Considering the cost of some graduate-level educations, winning one of these awards can make a significant dent in overall college expenses. Pursuing additional scholarships can help lower that price gap, making graduate degrees more attainable for students of all kinds.

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