Gates Scholarship rounds up 14 Dekalb County students

May 30, 2012

Bill and Melinda Gates, no strangers to philanthropy, annually award scholarships to 1,000 American students through the Gates Millenium Scholarship Program. The scholarships are good throughout four years at the school of that student's choice. It's a pretty amazing deal, as Thuy Hang Tran - a high school graduate from Dekalb County, Georgia - knows.

Thuy Hang Tran is one of fourteen students in the county to receive the Gates Millenium Scholarship. Started in 1999, the goal of the scholarship has been to provide minority students of outstanding academic record with the opportunities and educational outlets they need to succeed.

All of the students are exceptional achievers, with interests ranging from poetry to physics to international relations. As well as bright, each student is exceptionally determined.

"I thought the American dream was going to be handed to me," said Thuy Hang Tran, who was born in Vietnam and barely spoke English when she moved to the United States in third grade. "But I learned as I grew up that I had to work really hard."

And she has. Tran will be studying at the University of the South this fall, and her co-scholars will be headed to schools as diverse as Brown and Georgia Tech. Scholarship opportunities such as the Gates Millennium Scholarship are growing in funding and provide ideal opportunities for students looking into higher education.

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