FFA raises more than $16 million for scholarships and educational resources

December 23, 2011

Many people are interested in earning a degree, but can't fathom paying for tuition and fees. Although finishing college is something that many employers look for on a resume, more students are finding it difficult to attend a postsecondary institution due to a lack of funding.

As the younger generation shows a growing interest in earning degrees, more organizations are gathering money to provide scholarships to those who want to curb the cost of tuition. The National Future Farmers of America (FFA) group is just one of many that is looking to promote obtaining a higher education to go further in the agricultural industry.

Recently, the FFA announced that it has raised more than $16 million in 2011 from private donors who want to help young individuals expand their knowledge, according to Iowa Farmer Today. This money will be used to create scholarships, as well as provide global engagement programs and educational materials.

Whether you want to enter the agricultural field of pursue a career in business, college grants and scholarships are financial resources that can help you achieve your goal.

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