Cheap and fun Columbus Day weekend getaways for college students

August 21, 2012

There's nothing like being on campus again after a summer away. The September air is crisp and warm, everything's perfectly stress free and you're filled with excitement for the upcoming academic year.

One month later it's October, and as much as you love your school and your classes, you need a break before you burn out. That's what Columbus Day weekend is for! Get off campus, have some fun and recharge your battery.

But as a college kid, you don't have the cash to burn on a motel room, much less a luxurious beach house! So how do you get away on the cheap? Consider these tips to help you find the ideal Columbus Day weekend vacation.

1. Couch hop in a nearby city. While anyone who's tried to have a cheap night out in New York City has inevitably been disappointed, staying on couches will save you a ton of money in hotel fares - especially in the heart of a metropolitan area.

2. Head up to a family cabin. If your family has a vacation home - or a friend's family does - and it just happens to be empty this time of year, you may have stumbled upon a great opportunity. Get a group of friends together, head on over to the cabin, split the grocery bill evenly and hang out.

3. Go camping. No cabin? No problem. Does anyone have a tent? Camping may not be for everyone, but given the right crowd and some basic fire safety knowledge, a camping trip can be a blast.

4. Visit home. If you really want to save money, heading home means you've got a free bed and a house full of food. Visit with old friends, swing by your high school, spend some quality time with siblings and be sure to thank your parents.

Looking for a way to keep a little extra cash in your pocket for Columbus Day weekend? Scholarship opportunities are always available and are a great way to save on your tuition. Even if you're just saving on the price of textbooks, knowing you're financially stable is worth the time it takes to fill out a few scholarship applications.

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