Big box stores give out scholarships

January 3, 2013

It's been said that students, when applying for financial aid for college, should cast as wide a net as possible. It's worth keeping in mind that many organizations and companies that offer scholarships for college are in almost no way related to education.

For instance, Best Buy, a "big box" chain store for electronic devices and supplies, has announced its plans for the 2013 Best Buy Scholarship, according to the Watertown Daily Times. High School students intending to become full-time undergrads who apply before the Feb. 15 deadline could be awarded a $1,000 scholarship if they're academically sound. In addition, to win the financial aid for school, they'll need some noteable volunteer or work experience to appear their resume.

“Best Buy is honored to help students by giving them access to educational opportunities that will positively impact their lives and the communities where they live,” Susan Bass Roberts, Best Buy's community relations director, said about the scholarship program last year.

Speaking of big box stores, while some bad press over the years has called into question how Walmart treats its employees, some people might be surprised to know Walmart provides grants for education to its employees and their children.

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