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These winners each won a $10,000 scholarship in one of our past drawing. Not everyone will win. See official rules for odds of winning and other information
Image of Kia Isaac

Kia Isaac

Jacksonville, FL

“I recently enrolled at Independence University. I will be receiving my Associates Degree in Business and plan on opening my own hair salon. This scholarship will help me pay off my student loans.”

Image of Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Alpine, UT

“With this Scholarship I plan to apply it into a degree in architecture. As a fresh starting student and a father this scholarship will help me out more than I could imagine.”

Image of Amanda Skalsky

Amanda Skalsky

Cottage Grove, MN

“I'm very excited to continue school. Due to finances, I dropped out after my first quarter. With this scholarship, I'm able to return to get my Bachelors. Going back to school means my husband and I can better provide for our children in the future.”

Image of David Furlong

David Furlong

Cincinnati, OH

“I was in shock when I received the call informing me that I won the scholarship. I read about individuals winning contests such as this all the time, however never expected I would be that lucky person!”

Image of Dakota Stammen

Dakota Stammen

Wapakoneta, OH

“I didn’t think my chances of winning were very high, I was thrilled when I received a phone call and an email informing me that I was the chosen winner of the $10,000 Scholarship.”

Image of Rebecca Cairns

Rebecca Cairns

Bullock, NC

“I work hard with a full time job, raising three kids, taking care of our home, and trying to further myself with my studies. It was a big surprise to win the scholarship. I am very excited and I look forward to using the $10,000 to complete my degree.”

Image of Amber Sweetland

Amber Sweetland

Coolidge, AZ

“With this scholarship I will be able to set an example for my children in higher education.”

Image of Angel Meade

Angel Meade

Esmont, VA

“Many of you all know paying for college is very difficult! I put my name in the drawing for the heck of it, not actually thinking I would win and believe it or not I did. I couldn't be more blessed enough to have this opportunity!”

Image of Lora Peterson

Lora Peterson

Nampa, ID

“All the money I get from you will be going to my school. This will bring down the bill down for me. This will be one less thing to stress or worry about.”

Image of Parris Bell

Parris Bell

Hartford, CT

“Each month for a year I registered for the $10,000 scholarship just for the heck of it because I honestly couldn't believe I'll actually win!”

Image of Sierra Wright

Sierra Wright

Reno, NV

“Being a full time student in college is really stressful and wining this scholarship really helped me feel relieved and now I am able to not worry about if I will be able to pursue my dream or not.”

Image of Shakima Tanner

Shakima Tanner

Albany, GA

“It has been hard managing a family and paying for college. Student loans were adding up. I was so surprised to be selected as the scholarship winner! My heart overflows with gratitude and humility. This scholarship is the answer to my prayers. I am one-st”

Image of Meredith Martin

Meredith Martin

Lafayette, CA

“When you told me I won a $10,000 scholarship, I couldn’t believe it! I work part time while attending school and full time over the summer in order to pay for my education. This scholarship will allow me to focus on completing my courses at DVC while st”

Image of Zoe Newman

Zoe Newman

Jericho, VT

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Often, when people speak of going to law school (or higher education in general) they talk about “crippling debt” as though it were a given; this is a sad state of affairs and should not be the case.”

Image of Ashlei Rogers

Ashlei Rogers

St. Louis, MO

“ I am overjoyed by this blessing I have received!”

Image of  Trevor Petski

Trevor Petski

Panama City, FL

“I'm overwhelmed that someone would give me $10k to help me go to school and ultimately get into a career I can be proud of.”

Image of Fred Roberson, Jr.

Fred Roberson, Jr.

Knoxville, TN

“This award is a Godsend!”

Image of Savahnna Marquez

Savahnna Marquez

Merced, CA

“Winning this scholarship is a huge blessing in my life!”

Image of Latricia Jenkins

Latricia Jenkins

Detroit, MI

“Thank you very much I am truly thankful!”

Image of Alexis Graham

Alexis Graham

Fort Myers, FL

“Because of this generous scholarship, I can rest easy knowing I can last another year without worry.”

Image of Jasmin De Jesus

Jasmin De Jesus

New York, NY

“This will come in handy when it comes to purchasing my books and essentials for this oncoming semester.”

Image of Deyanira Montes

Deyanira Montes

San Antonio, TX

“I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity and help to pursue my dreams!”

Image of Darian Formy Duval

Darian Formy Duval

Lake Waccamaw, NC

“I was completely ecstatic when I received the call!”

Image of Lydia Menino

Lydia Menino

Corvallis, OR

“I cannot say thank you enough for this incredible gift!”

Image of Rebekah Ritchie

Rebekah Ritchie

Cantonment, FL

“This money will definitely go a long way and help me continue in my schooling and fulfill my dreams!”

Image of Roberta Lorette

Roberta Lorette

Irvine, CA

“This will help take me up to the next level in my career goals!”

Image of Stephanie Gruchow

Stephanie Gruchow

Kenosha, WI

“To be chosen as a winner after all the disappointments … has renewed my sense of hope and dedication!”

Image of JoAnn Felix

JoAnn Felix

West Jordan, UT

“One of my biggest concerns about going back to school was how I was going to pay for it... I am really grateful for winning this scholarship.”

Image of Kathy Frye

Kathy Frye

Fort Myers, FL

“Thank you ScholarshipZone for helping students to complete their education!”

Image of Camisha A. Lewis

Camisha A. Lewis

Allentown, PA

“I normally don't win big like this... it's a blessing!”

Image of Natividad Villa

Natividad Villa

Truth or Consequences, NM

“This is a huge relief for me ... I just want to thank you for giving me the support ... Thank you!”

Image of Theresa Long

Theresa Long

Norwood, PA

“I thank Free College Scholarships for giving me the opportunity to "go back to school”!”

Image of Lydia Faulk

Lydia Faulk

Tampa, FL

“I will be able to give my boys the things they want and deserve. Thank you!”

Image of Amal Jeylani

Amal Jeylani

Minneapolis, MN

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!”

Image of Jessica DeFago

Jessica DeFago

Eden, GA

“Now my dreams can become reality!”

Image of Jim Lou

Jim Lou

Fresh Meadows, NY

“The scholarship will go a long way!”

Image of Abigail Masters

Abigail Masters

Connersville, IN

“I am very appreciative of this generous scholarship!”

Image of Maya Thomas

Maya Thomas

Dallas, TX

“With the scholarship money I am able to pay for any classes as needed!”

Image of Tonya Rhymer

Tonya Rhymer

Claymont, DE

“Once again, thank you Scholarships4WorkingAdults for giving me the opportunity to pursue my goals!”

Image of Joyce Shaw

Joyce Shaw

Chicago, IL

“Believe in yourself when things might seem impossible because it's possible, just have faith and believe.”

Image of Cynthia Barker

Cynthia Barker

Eatonton, GA

“This will help out with me finishing up my Education degree so that I may teach school and help other children accomplish their dreams too!”

Image of Alexandria Chandler

Alexandria Chandler

St. Louis, MO

“This is a huge weight off my shoulders and I really appreciate it!”

Image of Stacy McLean

Stacy McLean

Linthicum, MD

“I have always needed loans to pay for my education but with this scholarship my bill will be paid in full for the next year!”

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    Winner may use scholarship at any school of their choice. No purchase necessary. No obligation to receive information from schools.